About the project


Push2Heat is an EU-Funded project that aims at addressing the technical, economic, and regulatory barriers that prevent heat upgrading technologies to be widely deployed. It will do so by scaling up four different technologies (whose supply temperatures range from 90 °C to 160 °C) to optimise their efficiency and economic performance. In addition, it will focus on integrating them into the relevant industrial sectors such as the paper and chemical industries. The four technologies will then be demonstrated in selected industrial sites. 

The project will also work towards demonstrating suitable business models and dedicated exploitation roadmaps for higher market penetration of heat upgrading technologies. 


Five main objectives will guide the work towards achieving the project´s ambitions:

1. Full-scale development of heat upgrade technologies ensuring an optimized integration in industrial processes.

2. Demonstration of full-scale industrial heat upgrade systems.

3. Development of successful exploitation roadmaps, business models and contractual agreements for heat upgrade technologies deployment.

4. Assessment of the environmental and Economic Impact

5. Dissemination of PUSH2HEAT’s work and critical results

Expected Outcomes
(1) Full-scale demonstration of heat upgrade systems to supply various industrial processes with useful heat in the sink temperature range of 90 °C to 160 °C, extracted from industrial waste heat. (2) Demonstration of business models and contractual agreements for the use of upgraded heat within the industrial plant, other neighbouring plants or external heating networks. (3) Upscaling and improvement of techno-economic performance of heat upgrade technologies in order to enable integration and adaptation to more industrial processes. (4)Better awareness of challenges and benefits of heat upgrading in relevant industrial sectors.
Four technologies scaled-up and demonstrated in different industrial sites
(1) Vapour compression heat pump with piston compressors (2) Vapour compression heat pump with turbo compressors (3) Absorption Heat Transformer (4) Thermochemical heat transformer
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