Download and access PUSH2HEAT public reports to find out more about the project results!
Name Type Date Action
Deliverable 1.1 Quality Assurance Plan pdf 24/11/2022 Download
Deliverable 1.2 Project Management Plan pdf 02/12/2022 Download
Deliverable 1.3 Research Data Management Plan pdf 31/03/2023 Download
Deliverable 2.5 Process Integration and Steam Production in Industrial Processes pdf 15/12/2023 Download
Deliverable 3.1 Demonstration Site at STC - System Design pdf 13/10/2023 Download
Deliverable 3.2 Demonstration site at CDG – system design pdf 17/10/2023 Download
Deliverable 3.3 Demonstration Site at Dynasol - System Design pdf 22/12/2023 Download
Deliverable 6.1 Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy pdf 18/01/2023 Download
Deliverable 6.2 First Report on Communication, Dissemination and exploitation activities pdf 30/09/2023 Download