CHP waste heat upgrading by vapor compression heat pump with turbo compressors in the paper industry

  • Type of industry: Paper industry
  • Technology integrated: Vapor compression heat pump with turbo compressors 
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Cartiere di Guarcino (CdG) is an industrial group located in Guarcino in Lazio (Italy). The company’s heritage lies in the production of decor paper for high- and low-pressure lamination, and flooring paper. CdG has a production of 50 thousand tonnes of paper per year, thanks to the committee of 170 employees.
The plant occupies an area of 144.000 square meters, divided into three main areas: paper production, energy generation site and offices/other buildings. The paper production part counts on two paper machines, which transform pulp into the finished product. The energy generation site is constituted by two gas boilers and a biofuel cogeneration plant, owned by Bio Energia Guarcino (BEG), a subsidiary of CdG. The cogeneration plant generates steam, district heating water for the factory buildings and electricity, testifying the commitment of CdG about the development of a sustainable business.
In the context of the PUSH2HEAT project, a vapor compression heat pump produced by Enertime will be deployed to recover heat from the cooling water of the cogeneration plant to generate process steam, thus replacing part of the steam produced by the gas boilers and generating fuel savings.